Recent milestones and the journey ahead

Last year, Appnomic Systems made significant inroads in the Banking segment with large wins in India and UAE. Currently, our customers in the Banking vertical include the top 3 private banks in India and the top bank in Middle East. These large customer acquisitions have enabled significant learning for us, helping us expand further in the Banking domain.


AppsOne is monitoring multiple business critical enterprise applications in these banks establishing its capability in very demanding large enterprise environments and improving the efficiency of the IT operations team in gaining early visibility of issues and events.


In the current financial year, we will target other verticals like Manufacturing.  We are in a very advanced pilot stage of qualifying AppsOne to monitor the SAP application – which would give us access to thousands of large & mid market enterprises who are looking to obtain better visibility and control over their business critical SAP application.


Another focus this year will be to go to market with large system integrators. We already have pulled through some major engagements and partnerships – which really looks like a good early start. We look forward to deepening and strengthening our association with them throughout this year.


We will continue to expand our client base in US, India, Middle East and Africa and look forward to consolidate our early successes and to make some rapid strides over the next quarters.  The line-up of prospects look great, and with maturing products, with a wiser product engineering team, with a battle hardened implementation team and a hungry sales team, this year will be exciting and a very successful one. Stay tuned – Stay focused!!

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