writes on IT optimization leveraging Big Data analytics

Appnomic recently caught the attention of founder and CEO,
Mark van Rijmenam ,who also advises organizations on how to develop their big data strategies. Mark is a well sought after speaker on this topic and has a book, “Think Bigger,” that is scheduled to be published early next year.

As we spoke about the potential and the reality of Big Data applications, Mark was intrigued by Appnomic and what we are accomplishing today in the IT realm – as well as our vision.

We decided to collaborate on an industry education project for him to research this use of analytics and write a blog on the topic as part of his publication. The banner here is actually from where Mark publishes his work. Mark did a nice job framing up how an IT professional, CIO, and CEO can think about the uses of analytics in leveraging IT for the benefit of the enterprise in ways not previously possible. Check it out by clicking here to read Mark’s blog yourself.

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