Gartner and Appnomic Frameworks for Analytics

In a recent APMDigest article, “Gartner: Advanced Analytics Is a Top Business Priority,” an interesting block diagram is presented to help enterprise buyers of APM (Application Performance Management) and ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) software better understand how to think about using these technologies.  The article explains how this evolution to advanced analytics is inevitable and how we all should get used to working with data scientists to effectively compete in business today and the future.


Source: Gartner (2014),, “Gartner: Advanced Analytics Is a Top Business Priority, October 22, 2014.

As you can see from this chart, advanced analytics is moving into the area of prescriptive decision support and toward more actionable methods for execution.

For a long time now, Appnomic has been championing the idea of actionable analytics and we have been “walking the talk” with the combination of our AppsOne® and OpsOne® platforms for analytics and automation respectively.

Coincidentally, on the same day as this article, we announced OpsOne 5.0, our latest release that makes automation easier to enable and sustain than ever before.  You can read the full announcement  here.

In the near future, in this blog, we will also be publishing a new framework for how to better understand the AppsOne platform and how AppsOne is different (and often better) than other options in the market.


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