An Inside look at Appnomic’s Tech Connect

To stay on top of our Customers issues and sensitize employees within Appnomic of end users pain points, Paddy, CEO of Appnomic Systems introduced Tech-Connect, a series of Meetups hosted every fortnight at Appnomic’s head Quarters in Bangalore, India. It is a platform that provides IT Architects, Developers, Business Analysts, Product Experts, System Engineers and End users a neutral forum to discuss, share knowledge and influence the direction of standards of troubleshooting within Appnomic.


Paddy has been inclined towards paving ways to all employees by offering “how-to” guidance right from identifying a Problem, Evaluating, Analyzing and Implementing a Solution to fix it with Actionable Information for Issues faced by our Customers. He wants all to step up to take a closer look at gaps and know where things can go wrong no matter what step of the process we are in.

These meetups are opportunities made available to all within Appnomic to demo their troubleshooting approach, build relationships between teams to communicate better, gain new perspectives, hear from our leading edge experts on our products and problem solve customer issues independently with finesse.

Every single meetup, so far has demonstrated proven returns leading to strengthening our Organization’s Troubleshooting skills and Build stronger relationship with our Customers. Our upcoming meetups on Tech-Connect is going to be a powerhouse combination of new Skills for employees at Appnomic to explore.

Paddy held a streamed question and answer session with roughly five dozen employees from across Appnomic to engage them in Tech-Connect and remain compliant while progressing in their jobs and teams.

“His pep talk amounted to showing a chart of upward linear growth and telling us we had a lot more to do”said Saurabh Mathur, AVP, Product Management, Appnomic Systems.

At the same time, Paddy has been placing greater emphasis on making sure these meet ups achieve quantifiable results. He has been hosting them (In-person) to let employees across Appnomic develop transparency and trust in ways that are not always possible with other forms of communications.

“Most of us are certainly more business-focused. As a result we have noticed that any leisure side of other events has been replaced with further learning and networking opportunities” said Ismail Sherif, Senior Technical Manager, Product Support, Appnomic Systems.

All employees are engaged in strengthening existing relationships with our Customers and with these constant pep talks and knowledge sharing, Tech-Connect has certainly gained renewed importance in our organization.

Now, we want to go deeper, and measure the return on objectives in a time of time-scarcity, there is a critical need to measure the real output of our effort. It is time that frills give way to more efficiency because Tech-connect is here to stay in Appnomic!

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