At Appnomic, we sport a culture of commitment, teamwork, achievement and spirited growth. We provide excellent opportunities to our employees and expect excellence from them in whatever function they handle.

As a young organization, Appnomic has no traditional mindsets and barriers. Things evolve and improve continuously at Appnomic, and every person matters in our growth story. Here, individual performance gets recognized and rewarded instantly. We offer our employees a vibrant and open workplace and equip them with all the support required for executing complex projects.

Appnomic was started with a vision of building an innovative global IT infrastructure technology organization. Building such an institution calls for not only efficient people, but constant commitment from them as well. We expect very high levels of commitment, dedication and professionalism from our employees across our organization. We also expect members of our team to be able to lead in the fast paced growth in our industry.

Openness, transparent management policies and a truly open door environment marks the organizational culture at Appnomic.

We focus on knowledge/intellect driven activities in an open, non-intrusive atmosphere to promote a rewarding work culture. Our employees get ample patronage and freedom to adopt SkillDepth (acquire deep expertise in one area) or SkillWidth (acquire knowledge on variety of areas). We provide employees with fast-track career growth paths and freedom to pursue technical, management and leadership paths as they grow.

Please speak to some of our people to understand why we are happy working with Appnomic! It is fun absolute fun to be here!! Come – experience enthusiasm and passion at its peak.

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