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About Us

Appnomic Systems provides innovative analytics software and services that simplify the complexities of managing IT.  The company’s solutions provide enterprise IT Application Operations (AppOps), DevOps teams, and online companies with the ability to prevent IT application performance incidents like slowness and down time.  Appnomic technology also enables users to gear up and gear down application responsiveness based on end-user experience and business goals.   The company specializes in serving businesses with high transaction volume operations – such as banks, large online businesses, and manufacturers.

Appnomic solutions include AppsOne IT operations analytics (ITOA) software, OpsOne data center automation software, and a technology-enabled remote infrastructure managed services called  RIMS+  where Appnomic operates as an extension of client IT organizations managing Appnomic software solutions and client IT operations.

Appnomic has customers around the world including top banks and e-commerce portals.  The company’s global headquarters are in Bangalore, India, and North America headquarters are in Silicon Valley, CA.  Appnomic Systems is backed by Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), a top rated venture capital firm.  The NVP partner on Appnomic’s board is Promod Haque, Senior Managing Partner of the firm.

AppsOne is innovative analytics software for IT application operations that enables enterprise IT Operations and online companies to prevent IT application performance issues like slowness and down time as well as to gear up and gear down application performance based on end user experience and business goals.

The platform consists of Application Behavior Learning (ABL), a unique approach to what leading analyst firm, Gartner, calls IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). ABL enables automatic threshold discovery (ATD) for application performance monitoring of underlying data center components. ATD eliminates the need for manual setting and management of monitoring thresholds. Instead, ATD sets dynamic thresholds which result in the Early Warning Alerts™ that help prevent IT accidents before they occur. These alerts are enriched with "forensic" data to provide deep insight into root causes and can be linked to automated remediation of application stack problems.

Clients combining AppsOne monitoring and analytics with automation are delivering self-moderating application performance that can conserve budget when needed and also gear up performance to achieve greater customer conversions, lower churn, and higher revenues.

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For a copy of the Intel and Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) publicly published proof of concept using AppsOne for ensuring enterprise cloud quality of service, please click here.


OpsOne is a data center automation software platform that enables practical, cost effective automation to improve productivity of various IT-enabled and data center processes for enterprise IT, Cloud, and hybrid operations.

OpsOne automations have proven to reduce operations costs by 60% and more. The solution can also radically improve customer satisfaction by accelerating IT operations responsiveness, providing greater consistency in responsiveness, reducing human error, and reducing regulatory or compliance risk.

Appnomic uniquely bundles Automation Sustenance Services that ensure automations retain their value and relevance even when systems interfaces or workflow changes over time. OpsOne is available in a SaaS implementation model with pricing per process automation and is also available as licensed software.

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Appnomic’s technology-enabled Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS+) offers clients a cost effective, high quality outsource option for IT operations. RIMS+ is uniquely valuable because it delivers enterprise grade data center and IT management outsourcing with the enablement of analytics and automation software to clients worldwide. Appnomic’s approach to embrace technology and automation as a complement to talented technical staff delivers a compelling combination of service quality, low cost, and scalability.

With RIMS+, Appnomic customers have access to award winning AppsOne and Opsone technology bundled into the service delivery experience. Appnomic will also operate client technology to achieve quality and cost benefits on behalf of customers. Whether acting as an extension of clients’ IT team, covering after-hours shifts, leading Service Improvement Projects (SIPs) or providing remote NOC services, Appnomic has a host of services we deliver with talented experts – all backed by a solid SLA.

Appnomic helps clients successfully sustain automation with ongoing Automation Sustenance Services that are included in the service offering. Automation Sustenance provides ongoing adjustments to automation deployments that ensure automations remain relevant and don’t limit clients’ ability to upgrade systems and improve workflow. Sustenance Services are another differentiator that helps customers achieve sustained ROI out of their IT operations investments with Appnomic.

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