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About Us

Appnomic Systems is a leading provider of preventive IT performance management solutions enabling businesses to better leverage their IT operations for growth, profitability, and competitive advantage. Founded in 2006, Appnomic has grown to be a global provider of Software and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for preventive, application-centric and automated management of IT infrastructures.

Appnomic’s AppsOne and OpsOne advanced analytics automate complex application performance management (APM) tasks, labor intensive IT processes, and data center operations. Appnomic customers are applying AppsOne and OpsOne advanced IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and automation technologies to prevent major IT incidents, accelerate system repairs, achieve new levels of compliance, and avoid major capital spends by better understanding application behavior complexities. Appnomic’s RIMS+ (remote infrastructure managed services) combines OpsOne innovative and powerful automation technology with remote enterprise grade data center and internal IT management processes.

Our customers span the globe and are leaders in their sectors, including: Banking & Insurance, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, IT & Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). Our preventive & automation technology and services ensures that our customers’ IT operations teams have a firm control of their application performance and data center infrastructure, and are able to achieve dramatic increases in IT operations efficiency while reducing the costs of IT operations.

Appnomic’s solutions are available as Software as a Service (SaaS), enterprise licensed software, and as managed services (RIMS+) from Appnomic or through Appnomic’s expanding global network of partners.

Appnomic System’s global headquarters are in Bangalore, India, and North America headquarters are in Santa Clara, CA.