About The Webinar

Outsourcing expert, Tom Young, hosts Senior Director of IT Operations at Cypress Semiconductor and interviews him to share how Cypress IT achieved impressive gains taking advantage of these three key "secrets".

Cypress' outsourcing partners operational head, Appnomic Systems' president, Ray Solnik, shares how "technology enabled" RIMS (Remote Infrastructure Managed Service) brought powerful results to Cypress and can do the same in your own outsourcing engagements. He also shares the vendor's perspective in this discussion.

The 3 Secrets Covered:

  1. Price decline drivers of which you may not be aware of or price reductions your vendors may not be giving you. Contracts signed as recently as 2 years ago are likely out of date.
  2. Specifics behind labor automation through advances in software and platforms that are actually attainable and sustainable by companies like Cypress.
  3. Dynamics behind single source versus multi-vendor solutions and how you should think about these decisions.

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Presenters in This Webinar:

Tom Young
Executive director Platform Engineering, UBS
Co-Chair, Infrastructure Workgroup, ODCA

Venki Sundaresan
Senior Director, Information Technology
Cypress Semiconductor, Inc.

Ray Solnik
Appnomic Systems, Inc.