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Partnering with Appnomic differentiates your company by complementing your service or solution offerings with innovative and field proven IT automation  and preventive IT performance management software solutions.

Partnership Models

Here are some ways to partner with Appnomic. Contact us to start engaging & growing your business.

- License Appnomic software technology

Partners can enhance and differentiate their own offerings by using Appnomic software solutions. Productivity gains and excellent license fees make for winning proposals to customers.

- Sub-Contracting Services

Partners can offshore part or full processes or deliverables to Appnomic. For example a MSP partner can offshore Level 1 & Level 2 services (say in server management) and retain the Level 3 & Service Management with them.

We are always looking for fresh and new approaches to partnering! Please contact us if you have another idea on how Appnomic could partner with you to create value to your customers