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Appnomic announces an easy-to-implement & affordable IT Operations Automation solution for mid market

Palo Alto, CA – The IT departments of mid-sized businesses have been the hardest hit from past three years of economic environment, having been told to reduce their operations cost and halt any new hiring. IT operations managers are looking at ways to do more with less. Automation, which until now was beyond the reach of mid-market customers due to high cost of technology and implementation, is again at the forefront as an effective means to reduce overall cost and increase compliance.

In response, Appnomic has introduced an innovative IT Operations Automation package, based on its IT service automation platform ‘Opsone’, which enables mid-sized IT departments to automate one process at a time with greater speed and lower cost than any other solution on the market.

While data center automation solutions have traditionally proven too complex to implement and very costly, the Appnomic package provides an enterprise class solution with faster automation capabilities that saves up to 30% from your current IT operations spend and quick ROI – automate up to 5 process within one month for a low monthly subscription price. 

Even in IT organizations that have attempted task automation through scripts, there is increased reliance on expensive technical resources, lack of visibility into compliance and large number of errors. Appnomic IT operations automation package automates the entire workflow from start to end for most repetitive and time consuming simple to complex IT operations. It comes with readymade automated process packages for user account management, database maintenance, backup job monitoring and ITIL compliant IT change and asset management functions. It provides an easy to use, self-service web based interface to all the stakeholders, whether internal or external.

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Appnomic specializes in enabling proactive and predictive management of application infrastructure and operations. It builds highly automated products that save customers on surprises from IT systems and applications in production, and make IT operations and production support easily repeatable and more predictable. For more details please visit

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