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Appnomic Systems Appmeter service available at is now Amazon Web service partner for transaction performance monitoring.

Appnomic Systems (, a provider of application aware infrastructure performance management solutions, announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services to monitor the performance of application transactions in cloud.

Appnomic Systems Appmeter service ( is one of a kind solution that monitors the performance of all critical application transactions in real time and gives insight into load patterns for web applications built on .Net, Java, PHP and any web platform.

Appmeter has the ability to monitor and alert on application performance SLA in cloud and proactively manage cloud infrastructure to avoid SLA violations. It has the ability to monitor the performance of server, database and storage infrastructure components in correlation with the load patterns in the transactions and predict resource contention scenarios.

IT operations teams can leverage these capabilities significantly to reduce the triage time spent on identifying performance bottlenecks with IT infrastructure components hosting high transactional volume web applications.

Applications owners can get complete real time visibility into performance of application transactions within cloud infrastructure. They no longer have to depend on synthetic transactions to monitor performance, but can monitor all transactions, at all times. It’s a 24*7 MRI scan of your transaction performance.

“Amazon web service is one of the strongest on-demand infrastructure platforms for hosting critical applications and we are happy to have been chosen as a solution provider partner.” says D. Padmanabhan, CEO of Appnomic Systems.