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The AppsOne® Advantage

The traditional ‘Break-Fix’ approach to performance management just isn’t enough anymore.  A new approach is required due to the rapid adoption of virtualization technologies; proliferation of private, public and hybrid cloud environments, and the constant pressure to increase IT efficiency.

AppsOne is a key component in this new approach, empowering IT Operations to reduce focus on fixing problems, increase time preventing problems from occurring in the first place, and ultimately driving towards more innovation and competitive advantage for the enterprise.

AppsOne’s analytics core is comprised of three (3) unique and game-changing capabilities: Application Behavior Learning (ABL); Application Usage Patterns (AUP); and Automated Threshold Discovery (ATD).

In addition to the core analytics features of the product, the AppsOne automation module is primarily a combination of three (3) additional powerful capabilities: Early Warning Alerts™, Automated Fault Remediation, and Forensics.

For more complex automations, AppsOne also can send messages to other automation systems to initiate remedial actions. One such tool is OpsOne also from Appnomic. This combination of analytics with automation AppsOne enables a number of benefits, including:


  • Early detection of application performance issues before application users are affected
  • The ability to prevent IT incidents before they occur
  • Enhanced accuracy and outcomes of application load testing
  • Avoidance of costly capital expenses through capacity optimization

AppsOne provides customers with a unique ability to monitor and analyze real user transaction data from many different data sources and to analyze transaction information through the entire transaction process.

AppsOne enables IT operations professionals to evolve to a new operational paradigm - More Time to Prevent (MTTP) instead of traditional approaches to accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) after an incident or outage has already occurred. As a result, Appnomic customers achieve game-changing improvements to SaaS, Cloud, and enterprise application operations and support functions.


Application Behavior Learning (ABL)
Application Usage Patterns (AUP)
Automated Threshold Discovery (ATD) and Dynamic Alerts
Early Warning Alerts™
Automated Fault Remediation and Self-Modulating Applications
Real Time Transaction Dashboards
SAP Application Performance Management
Available in SaaS Mode