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Automated Fault Remediation and Self-Modulating Applications

Once Appnomic® has identified an issue, there are cases where clients request the remediation or restoration of services be automatically implemented. There is an automation capability in AppsOne® that enables these remedial actions. In addition, AppsOne® may message to an external automation system like the Appnomic® OpsOne® solution to implement such automations. This function of AppsOne® enables the analytics to be as actionable as possible – not just informative to the IT operation.

The most advanced users of Appnomic® technologies are now achieving self-modulating application performance. One bank is providing a premium online experience for premier banking clients by using AppsOne® Real User Monitoring (RUM) and OpsOne® automation capabilities. Envision ramping up an ecommerce stack of components to deliver extra fast response times and customer purchase conversion for respondents to an online marketing campaign. Conversely, when demand is low, users of Appnomic® technologies can configure applications to turn down resources and conserve OpEx budget or capital utilization.