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The OpsOne® Advantage

The traditional ‘Break-Fix’ approach to IT operations just isn’t enough anymore. The rapid adoption of virtualization technologies, the quickly evolving cloud, the growing complexity of IT operations, and the constant pressure to increase IT efficiency are driving more and more enterprises to get strategic about automation.

A new approach to automation that makes it easier and quicker to implement and also more sustainable amidst the fast pace of change in IT is what OpsOne® is designed to address.

OpsOne® is a key component of this new approach. OpsOne® is a pioneering IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform that enables practical, sustainable, and cost effective automation of IT processes. The result is improved productivity and higher quality across enterprise IT, cloud and hybrid operations.

OpsOne® enables companies to radically increase customer satisfaction by accelerating and providing more consistent IT operations responsiveness, reducing human errors, and improving compliance and remove requirements.

OpsOne® can be used to automate both simple and complex processes within specific domains or across domains.

Some simple, but often high frequency and valuable automation examples include:

  • Password re-set
  • AD/LDAP user changes/moves/adds/deletes
  • EDI interface audits

Examples of more complex process automations done on OpsOne® include these:

  • DR automation
  • Multi-tool integrated processes
  • Application self-provisioning of cloud resources
  • Application layer configuration changes


  • Reduced “hard” IT and data center operations costs by 30 - 60% *
  • Increased IT and data center operations quality through human error reduction and faster process responsiveness from automation
  • Faster and easier time to automation implementation as well as ROI from OpsOne®’s unique automation enablement features
  • Sustained and increasing ROI over time through unique automation sustenance features

* Ask your sales representative for actual, documented examples.


Browser-based Enterprise Solution Designer (ESD)
Solution Packs of Pre-Designed Content
Out of the Box Task Automation Widgets
Business Rules Management System (BRMS)
Software as a Service Option
Automation Sustenance Technical Services (ASTS)
Embedded Script Repository
Enterprise Operations Portal
Integrated Document Management
Multi-tenancy Support
Secure Remote Task Execution
Cloud Resource Provisioning and De-provisioning