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Browser-based Enterprise Solution Designer (ESD)

The OpsOne® ESD enables compelling collaboration in the process design phase and process change management. It works both when connected to the network and locally (disconnected environment).

The ESD enables process design using standard browsers. All variety of devices like smart phones and tablets that support HTML 5 may now be used for process design – adding a new level of convenience and portability to the OpsOne® solution.

The ESD is easy to use and efficient. The interface requires no programming and uses drag and drop objects for process design. It has pre-built day-to-day operations activity widgets and data center task widgets. Scripts and documents can be woven into "processes" that capture IT operational procedures. The tool helps design interactive and rule-based workflows with the desired mix of automation, interactivity and manual checkpoints. It can be easily used by IT operations staff and does not require developers.

OpsOne® provides both workload automation (execution of asynchronous application processes, based on date/time, events, or user request) as well as run book automation (automation through the execution of scripts based on a library of potential operations).


  • Low cost and high speed for process design
  • Easy change management and control