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Preventive IT Monitoring

Do you typically resolve the issues below only after they occur?  If true, even if only in part, resolving these issues results in time lost in terms of fault isolation, logistics and actual repair and resolution. As a result, significant losses in productivity occur - but this can be prevented.

  • Hitting your office cubicle early morning with a long “to do” event coordination list only to discover that email doesn’t work
  • Business critical applications down or extremely slow due to nonfunctioning hardware components
  • Unable to retrieve a critically important file from the server
  • Systems and network down with virus attack
  • Unable to print the all important contract document that must be delivered to the customer by end of today's business hours

Appnomic has a proactive and preventive IT operations monitoring system that operates 24/7/365 to do an effective (incident and problem) trend analysis, and generates alerts before performance issues of IT resources could actually lead to slowdown or outage of business processes and functions. This framework is designed to prevent problems from taking place - and keeps business secure and productive and enables 100% business continuity and IT compliance.  

Appnomic’s next generation IT operations monitoring solution alerts the support team about any condition/field that exceeds a predefined threshold, instead of waiting for an actual issue to take place. This allows Appnomic operations staff to resolve an issue before performance degrades or any of the service are impacted. Acting in this preventive manner minimizes the use of work hours for routine, time-consuming IT maintenance activities and increases productivity of your employees. Appnomic’s seasoned team of IT infrastructure experts get going on resolving such issues immediately after any such alert, and fixes the impending issues well before they can disrupt the IT services and the business functions in any way.

The monitoring solution collects and evaluates availability and performance statistics, analyzes performance data from disparate IT resources and closely looks out for any sign of trouble. Appnomic’s IT monitoring system comes to know about impending issues like system failures, failed back-ups, virus attacks, email problems, IT/business services halt etc. much before they happen and generates necessary alerts. Apart from monitoring of up/down status of each device, Appnomic’s IT monitoring solution monitors critical applications and protocols such as email, operating systems, data backup, web services, DNS etc. for any symptoms of an impending problem.