remote infrastructure management services

Significant Cost Reduction +  Complete IT Compliance

Sustained and significant cost reduction in IT infrastructure management is one of the most important factors influencing growth in todays demanding economy and business dynamics. Appnomic's next generation RIMS+ solutions are designed to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly, meet your performance and availability demands continuously, ensure better and sustained returns on your IT investment and help you prevent adverse financial and business consequences.  RIMS+ solutions from Appnomic, through low upfront investment, and recurrent IT operations cost savings year on year, brings in more than 40% reduction in operational costs of IT organizations.

Additionally, guaranteed and steady process improvements enable a much faster, ultra-efficient and proactive approach that ensures continued service and much lower risk of failures for IT resources.  This facilitates undisrupted business continuity and prevents IT compliance related risks.

As a part of the RIMS+ package, Appnomic offers absolutely free - automation, running and maintenance of one IT process of the client. This helps the client adopt IT process automation and reap its benefits without any upfront investment for the same. Such automation leads to optimal performance of the respective IT process. Also, the client is able to correctly gauge the prospects, feasibilities and benefits of automation for its IT operations and processes – with no efforts and resources spent towards it.

RIMS+ follows an approach of comprehensive automation of all IT operations and processes of the client handled remotely, using OpsOne, Appnomic’s next generation IT process automation platform – virtually removing every dependency on “skilled resources”.  OpsOne results in ZERO human error, gives deep visibility into compliance and productivity of SOPs, documents and simplifies the IT operations and ensures 100% IT compliance for customers.