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Run The Business – Shift focus from technical issues to business outcomes

CIOs today have a top operational and strategic priority to support the business critical functions through the coordinated efforts of people, processes and technology - to ensure 100% business continuity and SLA compliance. Although they are under constant pressure to reduce costs, CIOs must deliver agility and efficiency to the organizations and their business processes continuously, ensuring predictable and attainable risk management.

Appnomic Systems' Run The Business (RTB) service provides assurance to the Line Of Business owners that their critical IT dependent processes and functions run smoothly without any performance issues or instances of discontinuity, ensuring 100% SLA compliance. Appnomic's Run The Business service is powered by its next generation IT infrastructure technology products OpsOne (for comprehensive IT process automation) and AppsOne (for Preventive IT Performance Management).

Appnomic’s Run The Business (RTB) service suite includes:

  • Workload Automation
    • Appnomic delivers excellent value leveraging technology enabled comprehensive automation of critical business processes / scripts – high intensity, critical processes are completely automated (e.g. End of day business processes). This results in dramatically reduced human error, ensuring 100% process compliance and significant operational cost reduction.
    • Automated reporting & feedback collection for continuous optimization.
  • Scheduled Job Monitoring and Management
    • Ensures critical jobs are run as scheduled.
    • Automated early alerts when proactive trend analysis indicates any signs of impending degradations or failures, preventing issues from occurring in the first place rather than curing them. Appnomic identifies issues and remediate them before they acquire the potential to negatively affect business processes.
  • Application Availability Monitoring
    • Generates proactive, predictive and rich alerts that isolate the actual fault in any application infrastructure layer, in most cases before application performance issue could affect users.
    • Ensures that critical business applications do not encounter slowdown or outage – effectively prevents loss of productivity, revenue and credibility.


The entire portfolio mentioned above is offered as a managed service guaranteeing 100% SLA compliance – which enables business/ process owners to concentrate more on business outcome and process improvement, while we take care of the smooth execution and functioning of the respective processes and the underlying IT infrastructure supporting the same.

Extremely automated operations dramatically lower the dependence on skilled experts, while increasing the reliability and performance of the business processes through continuous improvement and fine tuning of the same. Appnomic’s technology based approach helps avoid the linear model of service delivery and enables our client to reduce the operational cost significantly.