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SAP Application Performance Management

SAP users could lose lot of productivity and revenue in case of SAP application performance issues. However, ensuring and sustaining optimal application performance level for a SAP installation is certainly not easy. End users perennially report performance problems. Batch jobs take longer and longer to complete. Often, capacity planning inputs (required to help meet the growth targets) are unavailable and result in operational delays to fix end user experience slowness and declines in employee productivity. The list of issues could be longer.

A number of factors make it increasingly difficult for IT operations teams across the globe to quickly isolate SAP application performance bottlenecks - and to efficiently resolve and mitigate them. Examples include the following:

  • SAP installations have been turning increasingly integrated and complex due to SAP's evolving product strategy and new feature releases. Continuous integration with such features and external elements like corporate databases, storage systems, or cloud services make the SAP application ecosystem more and more complex – which leads to more application performance issues.
  • Organizations across verticals and geographies have been scaling up their SAP installations resulting in more SAP users, and more data – thereby putting challenging load on such environments and resulting in more performance related errors and failures.
  • Moreover, SAP installations are often spread across distributed infrastructures which makes it more difficult since even relatively moderate performance related issues could easily cause a huge impact on these distributed systems.
  • Current bundled tools do not understand the contemporary dynamics and issues of SAP application performance and hence cannot efficiently address the same. 

All of the above issues result in increased pressure on already tight IT resources, inefficient use of budgets, business agility and performance subjected to risk, and invasive troubleshooting for critical and sensitive SAP systems.

Appnomic’s SAP Application Performance Management solution helps drastically improve SAP end user experience through Real User Monitoring. The solution proactively isolates if the issue is with network connectivity, with any tier or component in the data center or with the heaviness of the (web) application being rendered.

Powered by Application Behavior Learning analytics, Appnomic’s SAP Application Performance Management solution collects SAP application transaction details & corresponding infrastructure key performance indicator metrics (KPIs) in real time, and statistically correlates them to build baselines on behavior of infrastructure components. The solution learns and captures the application performance trends and reports any deviation through Early Warning Alerts™ - before these deviations become a major problem. The technology takes into account all application tiers and components – web server, application server, database and storage.

Application Behavior Learning analytics based actionable reports also help generate capacity planning inputs which help IT teams take appropriate decisions with respect to IT resources sizing. Such business insights enable effective capex and budget planning, have more predictability over costs, prevent downtime, and enable efficient risk management across IT application ecosystem.

Appnomic’s SAP Application Performance Management solution includes out-of-the-box provisions for alert-triggered automated remediation or restoration actions as well. This covers complete automation of the L1 level performance violation diagnosis and troubleshooting and routing of appropriate issues to L2 and L3 engineers through a service desk.


Early Warning Alerts™ generated by the SAP Application Performance Management solution help prevent performance issues all together, maximizing the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the SAP installation. Automated, dramatically faster Root Cause Analysis minimizes the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and application downtime. In fact, at Appnomic, we work with our customers on maximizing Mean Time to Prevent (MTTP) application performance issues versus only MTTR. The automated approach to diagnosis and fault remediation results in manual efforts for fault isolations being virtually eliminated and cuts the costs and dependence on individual expertise significantly. This solution achieves the thanks of the SAP end user by enforcing and sustaining optimal SAP application performance levels in centralized or distributed sites.


For implementing the SAP APM solution, Appnomic leverages AppsOne and its ready to use, easily deployable SAP APM Automation solution pack. This approach of a ready to use, template-based implementation dramtically reduces the implementation time and cost for the customers.

  • Quickly deployable SAP APM Solution Pack with pre-configured extensions for SAP application performance metrics collection
  • Application Behavior Learning (ABL) that generates Early Warning Alerts™ and Automatic Threshold Detection for setting dynamic device and application monitoring thresholds
  • Extensibility to enable support for many transaction types not currently available in a matter of days 
SAP Application Performance Management
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