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Database Provisioning Automation

Appnomic's Database Provisioning Automation (DBPA) solution helps overcome the blues of manual, repetitive tasks associated with provisioning and maintenance of databases as well as pain of related SLA and compliance issues.

These ongoing, laborious, complex, and high volume tasks of database provisioning operations are normally executed manually by relatively senior IT operations team members. The details are often documented manually and are difficult to maintain up to date and accurate. Many organizations lack a smart framework for automatically documenting, storing, maintaining and updating the database provisioning operations data. They often do not have an effective framework to enforce and track adherence to internal SOPs and best practices.

Dependence on experienced resources leads to high operational costs. In addition, heavy human involvement makes this process prone to manual errors and non-compliance to internal and regulatory standards. The turnaround time is highly unpredictable, as they depend on individual skill sets and expertise.

Also, we have found that these processes are often conducted during the late night “third shifts” or maintenance windows which many IT professionals prefer to avoid or keep as short as possible. This results in challenging recruiting and employee retention. With the Appnomic DBPA solution, enterprise IT professionals are empowered with automation dramatically reducing manual work and time involved in database provisioning

Our quickly deployable DBPA solution removes bottlenecks and relieves the burden on overloaded database experts, enabling them to use their valuable time more productively. The DBPA solution automates the provisioning of the most complex database environments across heterogeneous IT environments


Appnomic Systems’ DBPA solution enables clients to adopt a comprehensive automation-based approach and incorporate significantly more efficiency and agility to database provisioning. Easily deployable, sustained automation in administrative tasks leads to improved resource utilization and subsequent reductions in cost. The DBPA solution also assists in achieving aggressive SLAs, as well as enabling and sustaining related IT compliance norms.

  • 100% compliance to regulatory and internal standards - elimination of human error
  • Faster and more agile provisioning of databases resulting in increased productivity of end users and IT professionals
  • Significant recurring cost savings for the IT operations team due to less manual work, less rework from human error, and fewer business disruptions
  • Ability to meet aggressive SLAs and avoid SLA violations and associated penalties
  • Employee retention gains and employee satisfaction benefits 


For implementing the DBPA solution, Appnomic leverages OpsOne and its out-of-the-box Database Provisioning Automation solution pack. This approach of a ready to use template-based implementation dramtically reduces the implementation time and cost for the customers.

  • Quickly deployable DBPA Solution Pack pre-configured templates
  • Easy to use process designer with drag and drop GUI
  • Library of system interface extensions that accommodate many of the interfaces in user management systems
  • Extensibility to enable integrations with multiple systems not currently available in a matter of days
  • Automation sustenance managed services bundled in OpsOne solutions to ensure automations that are deployed on Appnomic technologies accommodate future systems and work flow changes 
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