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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning Automation

Appnomic Systems provides a unique solution, powered OpsOne, Appnomic’s IT process and operations automation platform, for the automation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning processes.

Appnomic’s Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) automation solution provides clients with a comprehensive approach to DR/BCP process implementation and maintenance. It enables zero dependence on experts to trigger the right processes in correct sequences. It helps to enforce and sustain adherence to ITIL processes and regulatory compliance.
This DR / BCP automation solution covers comprehensive automation of failover operations to a remote site. Rather than ensuring IT availability only, the solution ensures continuity of complete business operations without any gaps. This includes:
  • Automation of Monitoring - Replication, RPO & RTO, application health 
  • Disaster Recovery Drills Automation - Pre-checks, intrusive & non-intrusive, failbacks 
  • Out of the Box Reports and Dashboards - DR drills, RPO & RTO trending, replication, custom reports and dashboards 
  • Provision for third party integrations - CMDB, Service Desk, EMS / NNM, Email, Calendar, Other BCP, replication & Storage, ERP, CRM, Internet Banking etc. 
  • Automation of Escalation Management - SLA Deviation Alerts, BCP Policy based, Escalation Matrix from Active Directory or LDAP 
  • A versioning based central document repository where all DR and BCP documents can be stored and updated automatically. This repository may maintain custom scripts, Disaster Recovery process documents, Business Continuity Planning documents and reports. 
  • Workflow that facilitates employee adherence to internal and external policies and regulations.


Appnomic’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning automation solution drastically reduces the number of manual steps in these procedures, effectively mitigating the risk and business disruption. When this solution is mapped to an organization's operational model, it dramatically accelerates recovery time and ensures successful failover and failback. It also enables ongoing, automated testing to ensure business continuity when required. Loss of productivity and revenue due to down time can be virtually eliminated.

Appnomic’s DR /BCP automation solution also provides deep visibility of the business continuity as-is scenario through out-of-the-box customizable dashboards and reports for stakeholders across levels in an organization. 

Customers implementing this solution use Appnomic’s out-of-the-box Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Automation solution pack. This approach of ready to use template based implementation drastically reduces the implementation time and cost for the customers.

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