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Identity & Access Management Automation

In today’s business, it is critical to enable trusted user access to vital business resources with ease, while also maintaining adequate controls and compliance with company policy, regulations, and laws. Users with uncontrolled privileges or entitlements can result disastrous outcomes from a security, compliance, and vulnerability point of view. Appnomic's Identify & Access Management Automation (IAMA) solution provides the ability to manage user identities and govern what users can, and cannot, access based on their role and how they are privileged use the data.

Appnomic's IAMA solution automates identity related controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. This approach enhances operational agility, dramatically reduces security risk, significantly reduces help desk manual workloads, and prevents users from accessing systems they are not entitled to utilize. The IAMA solution improves IT security, enables and sustains internal controls and regulatory compliance, cuts down on administration costs, all while significantly improving end user service experience.

Appnomic's IAMA solution equips clients with a robust policy-based approach to the identity management lifecycle, fropm user profile inception through deactivation. It allows automated, role based provisioning and application access for each user in the organization.


Appnomic’s IAMA solution dramatically reduces the number of manual steps in issuing, maintaining, and terminating employee access to systems, applications, network devices, and more. The benefits are:

  • 100% compliance to regulatory and internal standards
  • Faster provisioning of access to systems for new employees
  • Significant recurring cost savings for the IT operations team due to less manual work, less rework from human error, and fewer business disruptions
  • Increased agility as the IAMA solution minimizes the average task execution time and total workflow time


For implementing the IAMA solution, Appnomic leverages OpsOne and its out-of-the-box, easily deployable Identity & Access Management Automation solution pack. This ready to use, template-based implementation approach dramatically reduces the implementation time and cost for customers. It also assures quick time to value with modest configurations. Among the key features that enable the IAMA benefits provides above

  • Quick Fit IAMA Solution Pack pre-configured templates
  • Easy to use process designer with drag and drop GUI
  • Library of system interface extensions that will likely accommodate many of the interfaces in your user management systems
  • Extensibility to enable integrations with multiple systems not currently available in a matter of days
  • Automation sustenance managed services bundled in OpsOne solutions to ensure automations that are deployed on Appnomic technologies accommodate future systems and work flow changes
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