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Microsoft Exchange Migration Automation

Microsoft Exchange Server forms the backbone of messaging services in a significant number of organizations across the world. Non-interrupted availability and optimal performance of Microsoft Exchange Server is extremely critical to ensure employees, partners, and customers maintain maximum productivity

With the imminent end of life for Windows 2003 Server in 2013, it is an inevitable exercise for all organizations using Windows 2003 Server to move on to the later releases of Microsoft’s operating systems, namely Windows 2008 or Windows 2012. Also, a large number of organizations plan to migrate or upgrade to the new versions of Microsoft Exchange to leverage the better features provided in the latest releases of Windows.

Such migrations need to be done in a phased, considered manner to mitigate risks of any potential business loss. Microsoft Exchange migration jobs can be extremely complex and tedious. When all the Exchange users are moved, it has to be ensured that they can access all the resources in the old AD until all the resources are moved to the new AD forest. Migration of Groups across (Access & DL’s) domains must be carefully managed. Conducting this work manually makes the process long, prone to manual errors with associated employee down time, and susceptible to noncompliance to internal and regulatory standards.

Automation can help with eliminating error and leveraging prior migration experience in a known, repeatable, successful fashion. For Microsoft Exchange migration, a new AD forest is created so that the problems in the older AD are not carried forward. A phase of co-existence of both the old and new AD forests exists wherein ensuring inter-operability becomes extremely critical as the users are moved from one forest to another.

Appnomic’s Microsoft Exchange Migration Automation (MEMA) solution pack automates the process of migrating the users which generally consists of 3 phases:

  • Pre-migration tasks
    -    Creation of groups with same access lists in the new forest & include the same of users.
    -    Creation of same DL’s in the new forest & inclusion of the same set of mail users.
    -    Conditioning of the user accounts, mailboxes, profiles on the workstation.
  • Migration
    -    Movement of the users and mailboxes to the new forest\domain.
  • Post Migration
    -    Ensuring zero data loss, conversion of end user passwords, and the same look & feel to the users after migration.

Appnomic’s MEMA solution provides a completely automated mechanism of tracking user migration which include:

  • Interoperability between the old and the new domain
  • Interoperability between the old and the new Exchange versions
  • Maintenance of global address book across forests
  • Calendar synchronization across forests
  • Synchronization and tracking mechanism and of resources (shares, printers, groups, etc.)
  • Assurance that the passwords for all users accounts are same even after migration
  • Tracking mechanisms for users, groups, resources etc. 


Appnomic’s MEMA solution ensures a dramatic reduction in the number of manual steps, effectively mitigating the chances of errors, risk and business disruptions. It also enforces and helps sustain 100% compliance to regulatory and internal standards. Also, this approach of automation of highly complex and manual tasks inevitably leads to significant cost savings for IT operations teams.

The Microsoft Exchange Migration Automation solution also renders any organization’s Exchange migration operations extremely agile – minimizing the average task execution time and total workflow time.

For implementing this solution, Appnomic uses its out-of-the-box, Microsoft Exchange Migration Automation solution pack. This approach of a ready-to-use template based implementation dramatically reduces the implementation time and cost for the customers

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